History of Ice Cream Trucks


Remember those hot summer days as a kid?

Playing with friends and enjoying childhood until out of the nowhere, a familiar tune starts to make its way towards you.

You then realize what it is. IT’S THE ICECREAM TRUCK!!!

It’s funny to think that such a great memory started with Harry Burt from Youngstown, Ohio in the 1920’s.

Harry created the phenomenal Good Humor® bar.

To promote the Good Humor® bar, Harry had drivers roaming the nearby streets of Youngstown in trucks featured with bells that the drivers would ring to get people’s attention.

Eventually, the bell would be replaced with a horn that would play mesmerizing songs such as “pop goes the weasel “and “Turkey in the Straw”.

For Decades the ice-cream business has been thriving and has become a resource for work for simple people like you and I to do in our free time.